M.W.'s Writing Corner

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Welcome, dear readers!

Step into my Writing Corner. Feel free to browse around and have cookies. If my pet dragons bother you, just let me know. They don't bite and love it when you rub their tummies. 

I'm a word ninja and weird in a good way (what other kind is there?). Currently looking

for a literary agent, which is a lot like blind dating. It has to be the ONE, but it's hard to judge someone based on the little info you have. In the meantime I'm scribbling like my pen is on fire. Well, you know what they say, keep your friends close, keep your imaginary friends closer. 

For more of my writing shenanigans you can check out my blog which you can find here on my website. Have fun in this virtual corner and don't be afraid to leave a message or connect with me (but not in a creepy way) on Twitter or my blog. *hands out cookies* 

Yep..what the image says.

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