M.W.'s Writing Corner

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A weird, cheerful, crazy writer chick who gives people with over-active imaginations a run for their money. Aim to become Queen of Cosy Mysteries and lover of: pet dragons, Skittles, papery smelling books and ninjas, to name a few things. 
I have a license to write...and eat Skittles at the same time. (It's harder than you'd think.) 

Though I have a love for cosy mysteries, I also have a story about a Japanese hit woman in the oven, as well as a story about an android who likes babies, a girl with multiple personalities that she views as other characters in the book and an epic fantasy novel. 

Though I put on the writing cape as soon as dark takes over the sky, during the day I'm an English teacher. Just like Jessica Fletcher, only hipper. 


BA English Language & Culture 

MA Creative Writing