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The Chess Club

The gothy, anti-social Penelope Featherstonehaugh (pronounced Fanshaw) is forced to start an after-school club. She chooses a chess club, hoping nobody will show up. It doesn't help her sunny disposition when four unusual people show up, one of those people being her former friend Amber who has a deep-rooted fear of butterflies. Yes, you may laugh. There’s also Lee who collects dragon figurines and is probably the sanest of them all. Minnie who is obsessed with detective stories and puts the i in weird. And Chris who has the IQ of a racquet ball, but you know, in a good way.

When their chess pieces go missing, as well as other stuff at school, they get out their magnifying glasses. Things get interesting, though, when robberies occur in town. Do they have something to do with what’s happening at school?

In the meantime, Penelope has to live with an alcoholic mother and she has to learn how to open to her new cast of friends. Which is hard, since she doesn't like people...and likes sarcasm too much. 

The reader must also pay attention because there are clues in the book that lead to Penelope's blog.Who doesn't like sleuthy shenanigans and sarcasm?  

Finished Manuscript: 

The Chess Club. (YA mystery. Currently hunting for agent) 

Maggie's Murder Mysteries. (Cosy mystery)

WIPs (Work In Progress):

- Commercial fiction: Woman lands in the Sixties and helps police capture serial killers. 

- Maggie's Murder Mysteries, Book II.